U.S. Patents includes information on around 100 U.S. game patents.

U.S. Patents are categorized using a classification scheme. Games are generally classified under the following major classes of utility patents:

The U.S. also issues design patents to protect the unique appearance of an item. Games generally fall within the following design patent class:

FYI, you may find baseball games in all of these classes.  And perhaps also in other classes.

Games may also be found in other classes and subclasses, or cross-indexed with multiple classifications.

U.S. Patent Resources Online

  • Google Patent Search. Search the text of all US patents since 1790, and retrieve matching patent images.
  • U.S. patents.  All U.S. patents are online at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  However, only images are available for most patents from 1795 to 1975.  Patent images are in .TIF format.  Searching of the patent text is available for patents since 1975.
  • Free Patents Online includes PDFs of all U.S. patents, and recent European patents

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