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Challenger Cup Race
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Title, Preserving Case · 
Challenger CUP RACE
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Date · 
~ 1940
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Box Background · 
red outside
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Blue background. "Challenger" (yellow with black shadow, angled to left, cursive-style font) above "CUP RACE" (same coloring, plain font).

Three sailboats each with three white masts. Left one has orange-red boat, middle one has yellow and light red boat with black and orange items on top, and right one has yellow boat with orange items on top. Each boat has white trails in the water and black shadows.

"AN ALL+FAIR GAME" in white at lower left.

"2" (yellow) "GAMES (black, inside the "2"), above "IN THIS BOX (black), all in a red circle at center right.
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2017-04-23 20:59:49

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