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Goin' to Town with Safety
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goin' to town WITH SAFETY
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~ 1935
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Background: most of top 4/5ths is blue, bottom 1/5 is yellow, with yellow circle into blue left of center. "goin'" above "to" above "town" (black with white shadow) on orange circle just right of center. "WITH" (white, at an angle) to right in orange circle, then "SAFETY" (white, black shadow, at an angle) to right in green circle. At bottom in yellow area is a car (black and white) pulling a small motorhome (black, red, and white), a truck (black with blue top on load), coupe car (black with brown top), and long sedan car (black and white).

"AN ALL+FAIR GAME" (red) in yellow circle area left of center. Two black stars at lower right.
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2017-04-23 20:59:49

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