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Flip-A-Ring Modern Tiddledy-Winks
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Publisher Name on Game · 
Advance Games Co.
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Tucker Tiddlywinks # · 
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no company name, no trademark
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(none present)
Container Type · 
cardboard box
Container Size · 
11 3/8 inches wide - 9 3/8 inches high - 1 3/4 inches deep
Cover Description · 
Top curved area has a black background. A green quoit is at upper left. Below is "FLIP-A-RING" (in quotes) in red at top with a slight curve. "COPYRIGHT" in black on a yellow rectangle appears below "A".

Middle area has convex curve at top and slight convex curve at bottom, with yellow background. Red quoit appears at left, light blue at right, and light blue in the middle. At top of area is "MODERN" in light green with black border. At bottom of area is "TIDDLEDY-WINKS" in blue.

Lower area has red background and depicts target from game, with vertical pins sticking up out of game board with quoits shown to have landed over them.

At lower right is "MADE IN U.S.A" and then "No. 1284"
Apron Descriptions · 
Long apron 1: red, empty Long apron 2: "FLIP-A-RING modern TIDDLEDY-WINKS" in yellow on red background Short aprons 1 and 2: same as Long apron 2.
Box Bottom Description · 
gray with yellow wrapper edges
Contents · 
Cardboard target is built-up in bottom of box.

Center square (4 3/8" sides) is elevated from outside portion of target, and has a shallow white metal cup at center, with a blue circle around it on the cardboard, and the yellow area marked in 4 places with with value 25. Red circles in each corner are marked 50 (in yellow) and each has a hole for a wooden pin.

Outer rectangle (11" x 9") cardboard target has rectangular, triangular, and square target areas of various colors (light green, red, light blue, dark blue) each of which have number values (0, 5, 10, 15) within which or over the borders of which are circular numbered areas with holes for pins and numbered with values (50, 75, 100).

There are 6 green pins and 6 red pins that fit into the holes of the target. They are 5/8" tall but upon placement in holes reach 3/8" above the target surface.

A various of solid disc winks and quoits are included.

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Similar to ADV-01v1 but omits company name and "TRADE MARK"
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2017-04-23 20:59:49

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