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Spoof Golf
Title, Preserving Case · 
Publisher · 
Publisher Name on Game · 
F. H. Ayres
Publisher Catalog # · 
Publisher Mark · 
AGPI # · 
Tucker Tiddlywinks # · 
Game Type · 
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Price · 
1 shilling 6 pence (year: 1893)
Rules Format · 
(none present)
Container Type · 
Container Size · 
4 3/8 inches wide - 3 inches high - 1 1/2 inches deep
Box Background · 
multi-diamond pattern of gold-brown and plae green and white
Cover Description · 
Label. "SPOOF" above "GOLF" at a slant upwards toward right. Title in white with black outline, on dull yellow banners. Upper left, upper right, and lower left corners have a generic repeating background with notional fleur-de-lis in diamonds. Lower right and right show 3 golf clubs, 8 golf balls, and a pin with flag.
Apron Descriptions · 
multi-diamond pattern of gold-brown and plae green and white
Contents · 
(none present)
Tiddlywinks Targets · 
nicely turned natural wood cup with extended base (with black ring), shiny sides. 4 nicely turned wooden round "golf hole" targets, with drop-out center and curve up lip.
Winks · 
(none present)
Tiddlywinks Felt · 
(none present)
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2017-04-24 10:36:12

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