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Basket Ball Tiddledy Winks
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Title, Preserving Case · 
Publisher · 
Publisher Name on Game · 
Advance Games Co.
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AGPI # · 
Tucker Tiddlywinks # · 
Variant Description · 
square box
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Rules Format · 
on apron
Container Type · 
cardboard box
Container Size · 
7 inches wide - 7 inches high - 1 1/2 inches deep
Cover Description · 
Dark blue background at top, with "BASKET BALL" (with letters out of kilter) above "TIDDLEDY" above "WINKS" in yellow. Red background at bottom, with brown/black-haired player looking left and holding ball to right, while a blonde-haired player is moving left and is touching the ball. A yellow wink is to the left, and a white one to the right.
Apron Descriptions · 
1 apron: rules 3 other aprons: "BASKET BALL" above "TIDDLEDY WINKS" in yellow uneven letters on a black background, with a red bar below.
Box Bottom Description · 
gray, empty
Contents · 
Cardboard target in box bottom with cardboard cylindrical red cup (1 3/4" diameter, 1 3/4" tall, with dark red below target surface) in hole at center.

Target has an inner near-circle with four quadrants: 50 (blue), 85 (red), 50 (blue), and 85 (red).

At top is a yellow circle target with a net below, marked 75. At right and left the same, marked 65. At bottom, the same, marked 35.

Between these yellow circle targets are extended segments marked 75 (green) and 25 (red) at top left and top right, and 25 (green) and 15 (red) at lower left and lower right.

Various winks are present.
Tiddlywinks Type · 
Tiddlywinks Targets · 
Cardboard cup
Winks · 
Tiddlywinks Felt · 
(none present)
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2017-04-23 20:59:49

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