Game Information

Original Game of Zoom
Title Source · 
Title, Preserving Case · 
Publisher · 
Publisher Name on Game · 
E. E. Fairchild Corporation (on rules)
Publisher Catalog # · 
525 (on rules)
Publisher Mark · 
AN ALL+FAIR GAME (on cover)
AGPI # · 
Date · 
~ 1930s
Game Type · 
Number of Players · 
2, 3, or 4
Player Ages · 
Rules Format · 
printed under box lid
Rules Description · 
No. 525 ZOOM
Container Type · 
cardboard box
Box Background · 
Cover Description · 
Blue border then white line inner border. Main background is blue. "Original" above "GAME OF" (white) at upper left, then "ZOOM" (red with yellow then white border) at angle down to right center. "THE GAME WITH A FEELING OF FLYING" (white) at upper right. Airplane (white, gray-blue) at center, with two propellers, with white trails in the sky. At lower left is "WITH THE New FLIGHT INSTRUMENT PANEL" (blue) below 8 different flight instruments (in blue and white). At lower right is a red building with white windows (the airport), a tower, an airplane on the ground with people silhouettes and a person pushing a baggage cart. Flight tarmac (yellow) at bottom, with "FOR 2-3 or 4 PLAYERS" above "OF ALL AGES" at lower center left, and "AN ALL+FAIR GAME" and two stars (all black) at lower right.
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Update Date · 
2017-04-23 20:59:49

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