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A. R. P.
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game cover
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A. R. P.
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Roman profile & helmet with GLEVUM GAMES in oval
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label under box lid
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"RULES" "P" [in a dotted rectangle]
Container Type · 
cardboard box
Container Size · 
12 7/8 inches wide - 9 inches high - 1 1/8 inches deep
Box Background · 
Cover Description · 
Label with white outer border, then black line.

"A R P" (red with great outline and black shadow, with diamonds of the same between each letter) appears in very large text slightly above center. Underneath that title is a two propeller airplane filling most of the cover. It is medium and dark gray, with yellow edges and windows. Two pilots in brown are in the cockpit. The propeller blades are turning.

Primary background color is dark blue. Four yellow spotlights are scanning the sky from different vantage points. At bottom is a black silhouette of a horizon of buildings.

At lower left: "MADE IN ENGLAND" (white).

At lower right, on one of the yellow spotlights: "GLEVUM GAMES" Roman helmet "TRADE MARK" logo (black).
Apron Descriptions · 
red, empty
Box Bottom Description · 
gray with edges of white wrap-around paper on box bottom
Contents · 
Cardboard game board (11 3/8" by 17") has "A.R.P." (red, yellow shadow) at upper left, with a truck showing a red cross on the side, which is where the race game has its "START". The first step is marked 1, and the game proceeds clockwise in a spiral until reaching the "FINISH", also marked "ALL CLEAR", at step 120. Most steps have a yellow background, and therefore have no special instructions. However, 31 of them have events and associated special instructions, e.g. "MISS TURN", "START AGAIN", "GO TO 22", "THROW ODD No.", etc.

At finish in the center, a man (blue coat, brown bowler hat) is looking left, playing a trumpet, and has a British Union flag behind him.

1 dark blue wooden die with white dots (1/2" on each edge).

1 red cylindrical cardboard die shaker (7/8" diameter and 2 1/8" tall).

Mover playing pieces are painted metal (1 1/2" tall, 5/8" wide, and 1/4" maximum depth): 1 person in red with cane, 1 person in green, 1 person in red.
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ARP stands for Air Raid Precautions
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2017-04-23 20:59:49

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