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Whoopo the Spin, Grin, Win Game
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game board
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WHOOPO the spin, grin, win game
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Lever Bros.
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Date · 
© 1934
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game board
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Lever Bros.
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2 to 4
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Includes two game boards, each measuring 11 1/4 by 12 1/2 inches. The board shows a race game from START at the upper left, where the tokens named Spic, Span, Spec, and Spot have starting positions in circles. The FINISH is at the center of the board, with starting position circles for the up to 4 players.

The square spinners are marked from 0 to 5.

8 circular game tokens are present, in 2 sets of 4: one in red on a white background and the other in black on a white background. The Lever Brothers characters Spic, Span, Spec, and Spot are depicted and identified on the 4 tokens.
Premium · 
Spic and Span household cleaning product
Additional Info · 
Lever Brothers is a manufacturer of household products including the cleaning product called Spic and Span.
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2017-07-15 14:52:55

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