Publisher and Game Information

Louis Marx & Co., Inc. (36 games) · P-1017
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-273027-Up Bottle Neck Game
G-196301942Air-Sea Power
G-19631American Marble Game
G-23679American Roll Game
G-19632Anti-Tank Target Set
G-272791968Arnold Palmer's Inside Golf
G-272811977Banana Tree
G-19633Bazooka Bagatelle Game
G-272821960sBig Maze Marble Game
G-272841972Bucket Ball
G-272851970-sCat's Eye
G-272831972Cops and Robbers
G-19634~1933Double Set Jig Saw Puzzle
G-19635Electric Battery Bingo
G-27287Happy Birthday
G-27288Midway - Wheel of Chance
G-27289Mystery Maze
G-272911974Numbers Up
G-272921964Perils of Pauline
G-27293Plumb Crazy
G-272951960Pro Bowl Live Action Football
G-316111969Pro Bowl Live Action Footballimage-1
G-272961960sPro Shot
G-272981977Run Mousey Run
G-272991963Shuffle King
G-19636~1940Skill Ball, A Marble Game
G-19637Soldiers of Fortune
G-273001972Step Lively Shuffleboard
G-23567Three Keys to Treasure
G-322551977Torpedo Shoot
G-27301Tortoise & Hare

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 36