Publisher and Game Information

Rosebud Art Company (52 games) · P-1394
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-21415© 1932A Bag of Fun42
G-29952© 1942Beat the Drum28tiddlywinks
G-21417© 1938Big Apple85Small yellow versionrules-1
G-34105© 1938Big Apple For Home For Party The Game of the Day85Large blue versionrules-1 · image-1
G-21418 1935Bingo
G-21420 1940sBoys Own Soldier Set, A Game of Skill75
G-36409© 1931The Chuckler's Game34"34" catalog number to left of center at bottom; "CHUCKLER'S GAME" and black faces are in bluemarble
G-21422© 1931The Chuckler's Game34"No. 34" catalog number to right of center at bottom; CHUCKLER'S GAME" and black faces are in blackmarble
G-34261 1930sContentment69
G-21423≤1935Cross Country Race Game
G-36407 Crusader Rabbit Slate 'N' Chalk Set2100chalkboard, paint set
G-21424 1935Duoweel
G-21425~ 1920sThe Dwarf's Twirling Game
G-21426≤1935Egg Rolling Game
G-24357 1935Giggles a Thrilling Game of Action70
G-21427 1940Gumbo Ring Toss Game
G-21428≤1930Hare & Tortoise
G-21429 1940sGame of Hickory Dickory Dock36
G-21430© 1936Home Baseball Game38tossing game
G-36404 Hook a Fish Ring Toss Game99ring toss
G-21431 1939The Hunting Game52
G-21432© 1940Jumbo Ring Toss Game25ring toss
G-21433 1940sJungle Hunt
G-21434~ 1930sJunior Basketball Game60marble
G-29486 1930sKick Ball60skill & action
G-21435 1927King-HighSquare box; no catalog number on covermarble
G-36406 1927King-High77Horizontal rectangular box; catalog number on covermarble
G-21436≤1938Kitty Kat Cup Ball80skill & action
G-21437≤1935Life of the Partyrules-1
G-23744© 1946Lone Ranger Ring Toss
G-21438~ 1930The Marathon Gameboard game
G-21439 1935Peg'O Checker Game (Pocket Size)checkers
G-34941 Game of Pies16board game
G-21440~ 1940sPlay Ball!56marblerules-1
G-21441 1935Popeye Pipe Toss Game17tossing game
G-21442 Popeye Ring Toss Game
G-21443≤1938Game of Puns
G-36410~ 1940Quack Ring Toss gamering toss
G-36408~ 1950sQuoits the Ring Toss Game for Home Play79ring toss
G-21444≤1935Ring Toss
G-21446 1926Rolaweel36
G-34262 1930sRoll-O-Card Game55
G-21445≤1935Rologram Game
G-21447 1957Shoot A Wink Game62tiddlywinks
G-30181 Shuffle-de-Winks50tiddlywinks
G-36405 Soli-Peg70board game
G-21449 1930Soli-Peg70
G-21450~ 1940sSpin-O-Peg
G-29675 1927Three Game Cabinet

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 52