Publisher and Game Information

Saalfield Publishing Co. (37 games) · P-1421
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-21534 1925Animal Gamerules-1
G-21535≤1908Archery Game
G-21536≤1908Baseball Game
G-21538~ 1924Billy Whiskers280rules-1
G-21539© 1915Billy Whiskers Party (Pin the Tail on)pin the tailrules-1
G-28453 1969Bledno - Phonetic Word Game
G-21540 1954Blockhead!balancingrules-1
G-28455 1963Bluff
G-21537 1949Bob Feller's Big League Baseball Game
G-28457 1954Bunny Ho
G-28458 1961Campaign: The American Go Game
G-28459 1959Casey Jones
G-28460 1957Davy and Goliathcartoon character
G-21541© 1926Donkey Partyrules-1
G-28462 1957Fire Fighters
G-28461 1959Frontier Marshall
G-32259 1966Get Smart "Sorry About That" Game
G-28463 1966Get Smart "Would You Believe" Game
G-21542 1924The Greatest Show on Earthrules-1 · image-1
G-21543≤1908Halloween Party Game
G-28465 1960Headliners
G-28464 1960Herman and Katnip Game Box
G-21544~ 1927Hoot!
G-21545 1938Jolly Pirates
G-28466 1957King of the Mountain
G-21546≤1924Little Black Samboboard game
G-28467 1969Mr. Spin-Nose
G-21547≤1909North Pole Party
G-21548 1910Pin the Tail on the Donkey
G-28468 1959Special Detective & Speedwayboard game
G-36920 1958Switch-a-roospuzzle game
G-21549≤1908Teddy Bear Party Game
G-28469 1959The Third Man
G-28470 1955Uranium
G-21550≤1912Valentine Party Game
G-21551 1911Washington's Birthday Party
G-28471 1964Woody Woodpecker Game Box

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 37