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Woolson Spice Co. (124 games) · P-1711
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-34879 Game of "36"
G-22804© 1900Game of 'Changecard gamerules-1
G-34866© 1894Adventures of Sekku Ho (Or How Japan Whipped the Chinese in Korea)
G-32293≥1902American Historyrules-1
G-32294© 1900Animals
G-22800 Game of Astronomycard gamerules-1
G-22801© 1894Game of Authorscard game, authors
G-32295 The Battle of Bunker Hillboard gamerules-1
G-32296 Game of Bible Questionsquestion and answerrules-1
G-22802© 1903Game of Birdscard gamerules-1
G-34867 Game of Blind Pig
G-32297 Bobby's First Day at the Circusrules-1
G-22803 Game of Buy and Sellrules-1
G-34868 Game of Checkers
G-32298© 1900Chinese Game
G-34869© 1895Chinese Jack Straws
G-22805© 1903Game of Chinkcard gamerules-1
G-22806© 1903Game of Circusrules-1
G-22807© 1903Game of Color Casinorules-1
G-22808© 1903Countriesknowledge gamerules-1
G-32299 Game of Cross Board
G-32300 Cross Questions and Silly Answersquestion and answer
G-34870© 1900Cup Defenderrace board gamerules-1
G-32301© 1895Dominoesdominoesrules-1
G-22809© 1894Donkey, Pinning Tails on the pin the tail
G-34871 Donkey, Pinning Tails on the pin the tail
G-34872 Game of Double
G-34910 Drawing Stencil, Camel
G-34911 Drawing Stencil, Duck
G-34873© 1903Dressing the Dudepin the tailrules-1
G-22810 Eight Men in A Row Puzzlemechanical puzzlerules-1
G-22811© 1900Game of Eurekaword gamerules-1
G-22812© 1894The Fairies' Palaceboard gamerules-1
G-34874 False Face Clownrules-1
G-22813 A New Game of Familiar Quotationscard gamerules-1
G-22814 Famous People
G-34875 Fanora
G-34876© 1903Feeding Sambo
G-34877 Fire Engine
G-32303 Game of Fish Pondfish pondrules-1
G-32304 Game of Fortune Telling
G-32305 Fox and Geeserules-1
G-34878 From Log Cabin to the White House
G-22815© 1895From Log Cabin to the White House race board gamerules-1
G-34881© 1903Game of Geographyquestion and answer
G-34893 Giraffe Puzzle
G-34882 Go Bangboard gamerules-1
G-34880 Hare and Houndrace board gamerules-1
G-34883 Game of Helmetboard gamerules-1
G-34884© 1903Hop, Skip and Jumpboard game, checkersrules-1
G-32306 How to Tell Her Age
G-34885 Impudence
G-22816© 1903Game of Inventionscard gamerules-1
G-22817 Jack Strawsrules-1
G-32308 Game of Jailrace board gamerules-1
G-22818© 1894Jeremiah Judkin's Trip to the Fair
G-32309 Jumble
G-22819© 1900Game of Knowledgeknowledge gamerules-1
G-34886© 1903Leap Frogskill & actionrules-1
G-34894 Letter Puzzle
G-22820© 1894Lion and Tiger
G-32310© 1894Game of Lion Authorscard game, authors
G-34912© 1900Lion Coffee Rebus Contest
G-22821 Game of Literaturecard gamecard gamerules-1
G-34887 Game of Literaturepuzzle slipspuzzle slips
G-34888© 1903Lottolottorules-1
G-34889© 1903Lotto, Illustratedlotto
G-22822© 1895Game of Maypolerace board gamerules-1
G-32311© 1900Game of Monkeycard gamerules-1
G-22823 Mother Goosecard game, Old Maid, authorsrules-1
G-34890© 1903My First Ride in an Automobilefill blanks in storyrules-1
G-32313© 1900National Rulersrules-1
G-22824© 1903Game of Nationscard game, authorsrules-1
G-32314 Game of Noted People
G-32315 Number Puzzle, Lion Coffee with a
G-32316 Nursery Rhymes
G-32317 Odd or Evenrules-1
G-32318 Old Maid
G-22825© 1894Our Countryknowledge gamerules-1
G-32319© 1898Our Navy
G-22826 Our Unionknowledge gamerules-1
G-22827 Pachesiparcheesi, board gamerules-1
G-34909 Parlor Games
G-34908© 1895Parlor Games & Conundrums
G-22828© 1903Patent Medicinecard gamerules-1
G-34891 Game of Pfan-Tan (The Royal Game of China)
G-22829 Game of Pigcard game, Old Maidrules-1
G-32302 Pinning Tusks on the Elephantpin the tailrules-1
G-22830© 1900Game of Politicscard gamerules-1
G-22831© 1903Polly Wants A Crackerpin the tailrules-1
G-32320 Progressive Wordsknowledge gamerules-1
G-34892 Protecting the Harborboard game
G-22832~ 1892Queen's Guardsboard gamerules-1
G-32321 Rebus Gamehorizontal cardstock
G-34896 Rebus Gamevertical cardstockrebus
G-34897 Rebus Game, Christmas
G-34898 The Journey of Red Riding Hood
G-22833 Reuben Rubberneck's Visit to Chicagorules-1
G-34899 A Revolutionary Hero's Visit to Boston in 1903fill blanks in storyrules-1
G-34900© 1903Sambo
G-22834 Samuel Goodall's Vacation
G-32322 Simon Pure's Visit; or How a City Boy Spent the Summer with Country Relativesfill blanks in storyrules-1
G-22835© 1903Sir Hinkum Funny Dustercard gamerules-1
G-22836 Snap
G-32323 Solitaire
G-22837© 1900Spelling Games: Anagrams, Syllabus and Orthographyanagrams
G-22838© 1893The Spy
G-34901 Star Puzzlemechanical puzzlerules-1
G-32324© 1900Game of States
G-22840© 1903Stop, New Game of
G-32325 The Ten Little Soldiersboard gamerules-1
G-32326 Tit-Tat-Toe
G-32327 Game of Twelve Men Morrisboard gamerules-1
G-32312 Game of Twelve Months
G-22841 Uncle Tom's Cabin
G-32329 Game of Wars
G-22842© 1900Wars of the World
G-34902 Weaving
G-32330 Who Am I?
G-34903© 1903Game of Wiggle
G-34904 Windmillrules-1
G-34906 Wolf and Sheepboard gamerules-1
G-22843 Game of Wordsword gamerules-1
G-34895 Zouave Puzzle

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 124