Publisher and Game Information

Lowell Toy Mfg. Co. (54 games) · P-1759
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-26948 1955$64,000 Questiongame show
G-32282 1955$64,000 Question Junior Quiz
G-26947 195977 Sunset Strip
G-26913 1958Bat Masterson
G-26914 1954Beat the Clockgame show
G-26915 1957Beat the Clock Jr.
G-26916 1959Ben Hur
G-26917 1975Big Numbersgame show
G-26918 1955Big Town
G-26919 1963Candid Camera
G-26920 1962College Bowlgame show
G-26922 1956Dollar A Secondgame show
G-26921 1960Dough-Re-Migame show
G-26923 1961Face the Factsgame show
G-26924 1958Gunsmoke
G-23582~ 1960Hawaiian Eyerules-1
G-26925 1963Hawaiian Eye
G-26927 1954Herman Hickman's Action Football
G-26926 High Rollersgame show
G-26928 1960Humpty Dumpty
G-26929 1956I've Got A Secretgame show
G-26931 1950sJack the Giant Killer
G-26930© 1961Jan Murray's Charge Account TV Word Gamegame show
G-26932 1954Jingle Dingle's Weather Game
G-26933 1952Joe Palooka Boxingcomic strip
G-26934 1954Justice
G-26935 1960Laramie
G-26936 1961Mr. Magoo Visits the Zoocartoon
G-26937 1957Navy Log
G-26938 1960New Adventures of Pinocchiocartoon
G-26941 1957Personalysis
G-26939 1960Peter Gunn
G-26940 1958The Price Is Rightgame show
G-26942 1960Rawhide
G-26943 1963Red Riding Hood
G-26944 1962Ripcord
G-26945 1961Robinson Crusoe
G-26946 1960Sea Hunt
G-26950 1950sShow Biz
G-26949 1959Steve Canyon Air Force Gamecomic stripimage-1
G-26951 1955Strike It Richgame show
G-26952 1962Surfside 6
G-26953 1954This Is Your Lifegame show
G-26954 1957Tic Tac Toegame show
G-26955 1957To Tell the Truthgame show
G-26956 1956Twenty Onegame show
G-26957 1960Wanted: Dead or Alive
G-26958 1954What's My Linegame show
G-26959 1962Window Shoppinggame show
G-26964 1962Wizard of Ozcartoon
G-26960 1955You Bet Your Lifegame show
G-26961 1962Your First Impressiongame show
G-26962 1961Yours for a Songgame show
G-26963 1964Zip Code

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 54