Publisher and Game Information

Aurora Products (33 games) · P-1860
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-24487 1970Aurora Derby
G-31165 1972Aurora Derbyimage-1
G-24488 1973Bump-A-Lite Pool
G-24489 1971Can-Doo
G-24492 1973Flip-It 21
G-24491 1973Flip-It 7-11
G-24490 1973Flip-It Jackpot
G-24493 1976Jaw Breaker
G-24495 1974Jimmy the Greek Oddsmaker Basketball
G-24496 1974Jimmy the Greek Oddsmaker Football
G-24494 1974Jimmy the Greek Oddsmaker Poker Dice
G-24497 1970Karate Men Fighting Action
G-24515 1973Monday Night Baseball
G-31167 1972Monday Night Footballimage-1
G-24516 1973Monday Night Football with Roger Staubach
G-24498 1974Pendulum Curve Bowl
G-24499 1974Pendulum Pool
G-24500 1973Pursuitimage-1
G-24501 1973Shifty Checkers
G-24503 1969Shuffle
G-24504 1973Skittle Baseball
G-24507 1973Skittle Bingoelectronic
G-24505 1969Skittle Bowl
G-31166 1970Skittle Bowlimage-1
G-24506 1971Skittle Bowl - Olympic Size
G-24508 1973Skittle Horseshoes
G-24510 1974Skittle Poker
G-24509 1972Skittle Pool
G-24511 1972Skittle Score Ball - All American
G-24512 1974Skittle Shoot-Out
G-24513 1973Skittle Tac-Toe
G-24502 Speed Derby
G-24514 1968Whoops

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 33