Publisher and Game Information

Quizz Wizz Paper Co. (16 games) · P-2784
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-29426 1950Quizz Wizz Additionelectronic
G-29425 1955Quizz Wizz Baseballelectronic
G-29437 1967Quizz Wizz Color Thiselectronic
G-29435 1954Quizz Wizz Constellationselectronic
G-29438 1952Quizz Wizz Count Thiselectronic
G-29429 1950Quizz Wizz Divisionelectronic
G-29431 1951Quizz Wizz Geographyelectronic
G-29432 1958Quizz Wizz Historyelectronic
G-29428 1957Quizz Wizz Multiplicationelectronic
G-29439 1964Quizz Wizz Name Thiselectronic
G-29440 1961Quizz Wizz Pick-A-Pairelectronic
G-29436 1959Quizz Wizz Picture Thiselectronic
G-29430 1958Quizz Wizz Spellingelectronic
G-29427 1962Quizz Wizz Subtractionelectronic
G-29433 1963Quizz Wizz United Stateselectronic
G-29434 1965Quizz Wizz Universeelectronic

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 16