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J. Jaques & Son (177 games) · P-3208
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-30985 1880"Ascot" The New Racing Game
G-36060 "St. Andrews"table game, card gamelink-1
G-34198 Anno Dominicard gamelink-1
G-34197 Anno Mundicard gamelink-1
G-36113 Ascotracing gamelink-1
G-36108 Béziquecard game
G-36041≤1894Birds of a Feathercard game
G-34180 Bob-O'-Link
G-34187 The Bridecard gamelink-1
G-34179 1903The Amusing New Game of Bumble Puppylink-1
G-34213 The Butterfly Hunt
G-36061~ 1905Candid Confessionscard gamelink-1 · link-2
G-34165 Cannonade, or Castle Bagatelle
G-36112 Capital Conjuring Tricksmagiclink-1
G-36040~ 1858 through at least 1894Characters from Charles Dickenscard gamelink-1
G-36066 Chesschesslink-1
G-34178 Chopsticks (for 4 players)1
G-34204 Chopsticks (for 6 players)2
G-34205 Chopsticks (for 8 players, superior)3
G-36860 Colotop spinning game
G-36052≤1894Comic Racescard game
G-36102~ 1880The Counties of Englandcard gamelink-1
G-36104~ 1930Counties of Englandcard gamelink-1
G-36103 1866The Counties of England (all 3 series: Midland, Northern, and Southern counties)card gamelink-1
G-36056≤1894The Counties of England (all 3 series: Midland, Northern, and Southern counties)all 3 seriescard game
G-34061≤1894The Counties of England (first series: Midland Counties)1st seriescard gamerules-1 · link-1
G-34586≤1894The Counties of England (second series: Northern Counties)2nd seriescard gamerules-1 · link-1
G-34587≤1894The Counties of England (third series: Southern Counties)3rd seriescard gamelink-1
G-34217 Croquet - The Association Setcroquet
G-34216 Croquet - The Tournament Game13croquet
G-34215 Croquet - The Tournament Game13acroquet
G-34203 Cube Reversi, for the Chess Board
G-34183 Daimio
G-36067 Deck Quoitsquoitslink-1
G-36054≤1894Doctor Busbycard game
G-36069 Dominoesdominoeslink-1
G-36070 Draughtscheckerslink-1
G-34164 Ducdamé
G-36857 Jaques Electrical All Star Derbyelectric race game
G-34566 Enfield Skittlesskittleslink-1
G-34568~ 1905Entente Cordialecard gamelink-1
G-36045≤1894Epsom Racescard game
G-34561 Faceslink-1
G-36048≤1894Fireside Funcard game
G-34593 Fishpondsfish pondlink-1 · Alfred Seeley (inventor)
G-30531 The New Game of Flitterkinscardboard boxtiddlywinks
G-35104 1889The New Game of FlitterkinsMauchline wooden boxtiddlywinksH. C. Wilson (patentee)
G-34207 Floral Lotolotto
G-34577 Floral Snapcard gamelink-1
G-36865~ Frogs & Toads"NEW" on cover label
G-34567 1864Frogs & Toads"NEW" not on cover labellink-1 · link-2
G-34209 Geographical Lotolottolink-1
G-34594~ 1920The Game of German Tactics and Solitaireboard gamelink-1
G-36856circa 1910Getting Uprace board game
G-36053≤1894Golden Eggcard gamelink-1
G-34159 Gossima
G-34591 1920sThe Great Galumphuscard gamelink-1 · link-2 · Miss J. Veal (designer)
G-34200 Húlder
G-34160 The New Game of Halma
G-34580 1851Happy Families(original edition)card gamerules-1 · link-1
G-36106~ 1880sHappy Families44 cardscard gamelink-1
G-34579 Happy Families (24 cards)24 cardscard gamelink-1
G-34062 Happy Families (44 cards)44 cards; families of baker, butcher, barber, brewer, carpenter, dyer, grocer, doctor, painter, tailor, and sweepcard gamerules-1 · link-1
G-34176 Hard Line
G-36111 Hexagonal Chesschess
G-36864 1864Hexagoniachess
G-34190≤1894Hide and Seek with the Kings and Queens of England (first series: to Henry IV)card gamelink-1
G-34191≤1894Hide and Seek with the Kings and Queens of England (second series: to Charles I)card gamelink-1
G-34192≤1894Hide and Seek with the Kings and Queens of England (third series: to Victoria)card gamelink-1
G-34063 The New Round Game of Historical Lotolottorules-1
G-34590 Historical Loto with French Historylottorules-1
G-34177 Hockey
G-34161 Honey Pots
G-36101~ 1870New Game of Illustrated Proverbscard gamelink-1 · link-2
G-36863 1864Jaques' Illustrated Proverbs (first series)card gamePhiz (artist)
G-34565~ 1885Jaques' Illustrated Proverbs (first series)card gamelink-1 · link-2 · link-3 · Phiz (artist)
G-34576~ 1885Jaques' Illustrated Proverbs (second series)card gamelink-1 · link-2 · link-3 · Phiz (artist)
G-36051≤1894In and Out of Luckcard game
G-36107~ 1890In Statu Quo Chess-Boardchesslink-1
G-36862≤1891Jack's Alivebowling
G-34188≤1894The Kingdoms of Europe (first series: Western Europe)card gamelink-1 · link-2
G-34189≤1894The Kingdoms of Europe (second series: Eastern Europe)card gamelink-1 · link-2
G-34169 Knuckle Bones & How to Use Them
G-36078 Lawn Tennistennislink-1
G-36050≤1894Lend Me Five Shillingscard game
G-36852~ 1940sLights Out!board game
G-34572≤1894The London Postcard gamelink-1 · link-2
G-36118 1903Lotolotto
G-36110 Loto or Houselotto
G-36079 Lottolottolink-1
G-36059 Manifestoboard game, race game
G-34581 May Daycard gamelink-1
G-34064 Minoruracingrules-1
G-34182 Molinette
G-34173 1863The New Round Game of the Moorish Fort
G-34212 Musical Lotolotto
G-34065~ 1895The National Gallery (British School)card gamerules-1 · link-1
G-36039≤1894National Gallery (Dutch School)card game
G-36058≤1894Old Soldiercard game
G-36049≤1894On the Cardscard game
G-34932 Jaques New Game of the Parachute Toptoplink-1
G-34573 Parolecard gamelink-1
G-34171 1890sPatchesiboard gamelink-1
G-34167 Peelerino or the Tumbling Policeman
G-34206 Picture Lotolotto
G-34199≤1894Picture Pumblechookcard gamelink-1
G-34214 Ping Pong or Gossima00
G-34163 Pirouette
G-34201 Planchette
G-34168 1890PliffkinsT. (or J.) D. Dales (inventor)
G-34175 Pontoons
G-36855 Portable Backgammon, Chess, and Draughts Board
G-36042≤1894Quinkscard game
G-34569~ 1880-1885Quitscard gamelink-1 · link-2 · link-3
G-34582 The Realmcard gamelink-1
G-34210 Rebus Lotolotto
G-36034 The New Game of Rengarboard game
G-34066 The Original Game of Reversiboard gamerules-1
G-34172 Rope Quoits
G-36037≤1894The New Game Royal Mailboard game, race game
G-34202 Royal Reversi, a New Round Game
G-36086 Russian Draughtscheckerslink-1
G-36062~ 1930sSalute!card gamelink-1 · link-2
G-36033patent applied 1893Shan Tuboard game
G-36043≤1894Shearing the Sheepcard game
G-34184 Sigma, The New Numbers Game
G-36055≤1894Skitscard game
G-36063 1870sSnapcard gamelink-1
G-34067 Snap (32 cards)card gamerules-1 · link-1
G-34574 Snap (56 cards, Superior)card gamelink-1
G-34575≤1894Sol, or the Signs of the Zodiaccard gamelink-1
G-34186 The Sovereigns of Englandcard gamelink-1
G-34595 1900The Spelka the Great Word Gamecard gamelink-1
G-36057≤1894Spider and the Flycard game
G-34162 1864Squails
G-30868 Star Tiddledy Winks (Popular Edition)tiddlywinks
G-36044≤1894The Streets of Londoncard game
G-34174 Table Croquetcroquet
G-35092 Temalawn gamelink-1
G-30724 The New Round Game Tiddledy Winksleaf pattern on box; advertisement on bottomtiddlywinks
G-30507 The New Round Game Tiddledy WinksLeaf pattern on sidetiddlywinks
G-30529 The New Round Game Tiddledy WinksNo Ltd. for Jaques; red boxtiddlywinks
G-30792 The New Round Game Tiddledy Winkstiddlywinks
G-30862 The New Round Game Tiddledy Winkstiddlywinks
G-30609 The New Round Game Tiddledy WinksNo Ltd. for Jaques; blue boxtiddlywinks
G-30874 The New Round Game Tiddledy Winkscupid pattern on box; advertisement on box bottomtiddlywinks
G-31137 The New Round Game Tiddledy Winksgold-styled generally in X and O shapes on boxtiddlywinks
G-29867 The New Round Game Tiddledy Winkstiddlywinks
G-30651 The New Round Game Tiddledy Winkslight purple moire on sidetiddlywinks
G-30457 The New Round Game Tiddledy WinksLtd. for Jaquestiddlywinks
G-30458 The New Round Game Tiddledy WinksNo Ltd. for Jaques; white boxtiddlywinks
G-30714 The New Round Game Tiddledy WinksNo Ltd. for Jaques; holly leaves on boxtiddlywinks
G-29866 1913Tiddledy Winks at Seatiddlywinks
G-29851~ 1889Tiddledy-winksleather case with gold letteringtiddlywinksJ.A. Fincher (inventor)
G-36046≤1894Tipcard game
G-36047≤1894Tip, Tap and Take Itcard game
G-30530 The Highly Amusing Game of Tip-Cattiddlywinks
G-34185≤1894Trente-Sixcard game
G-34578≤1894Ujuji, or the Search for Dr. Livingstonecard gamelink-1
G-36038 The Waterloo Cupboard game, race game
G-34181 Waterman's ReversiLouis Waterman (inventor)
G-34562 The Wedding (1st edition)card gamelink-1 · link-2
G-34588 The Wedding (2nd edition)card gamelink-1
G-36114 What does Planchette Say?planchettelink-1
G-34166circa 1920The Game of Wheelingboard game, race gamelink-1
G-34583≤1894The White Catcard gamelink-1
G-34564 The Whitworth Gunlink-1
G-36030 Who Knows (The Victorian Era)
G-34170 Who Knows - An Intellectual & Exciting Game (General Series)
G-36031 Who Knows - Celestial Series
G-34585 Who's Sir Roger?card gamelink-1
G-34589 The World's Parliament or Vote by Ballotcard gamelink-1
G-34195 The XIXth Centurycard gamelink-1
G-34196 The XVIIIth Centurycard gamelink-1
G-34194 The XVIIth Centurycard gamelink-1
G-34193 The XVIth Centurycard gamelink-1
G-34208 Zoological Lotolotto

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 177