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John Wallis (12 games) · P-3533
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-3701319 April 1798An Arithmetical Pastimerace card game
G-37016 1788Chronological Tables of English History for the Instruction of Youthdissected puzzle
G-34117 1823Elegant and Instructive Game exhibiting the Wonders of Art, in Each Quarter of the World, Wallis'link-1
G-3701126 September 1799The Geography of England and Wales Accurately Delineatedcard gameJohn Wallis (publisher), James Harrison (printer)
G-3700929 July 1790The New Game of Human Liferace board game
G-3700830 November 1808The New & Favorite Game of Mother Goose and the Golden Eggrace board game
G-37010 The Mount of Knowledgerace board gameJohn Wallis (publisher), John Harris (publisher), W. Richardson (publisher)
G-34121 1830sWallis's Picturesque Round Game of the Produce and Manufactures of the Counties of England & Wales
G-3700724 November 1794Wallis's Tour of Europe a New Geographical Pastimerace board game
G-341241 July 1811Tour through the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland, a new Geographical Game, Comprehending all the Cities, Principal Towns, Rivers &c. in the British Empire, Wallis's
G-3612420 May 1814Wallis's New Game of Universal History & Chronologyrace board gamelink-1
G-37006~ 1840Wallis's New Game of Universal History and Chronologyrace board game

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