Publisher and Game Information

Child Welfare Publishers, Inc. (32 games) · P-361
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8043Animal Land
G-8044Animal Wonderland
G-8045Bird Friends
G-8046Bird Fun
G-8047Bird Wonder Speller
G-8048Bird Wonderland
G-8064Building Fun
G-8050pat. 1912Child's Speller
G-8037Favorite Speller
G-8052pat. 1912Flower Game, The
G-8053pat. 1912Funnyface Game
G-80541912Garden Speller
G-8055Ideal Sentence Builder
G-8056Ideal Speller
G-8057pat. 1912Jolly Faces Game, The
G-8058Little Bird Speller
G-8059Multiplication Table Fun
G-8060Nature Story Play
G-8061pat. 1912Playland Reader
G-8062Playtime Game
G-8063pat. 1912Playtime Speller
G-8023Playtime Words
G-34919~1900Tonneau de Diogène766dexterity puzzle
G-8021Toy Builder
G-8049pat. 1912Wonder Garden Game
G-8011Wonder Multiplication Table
G-8012Wonder Nature Stories
G-8013Wonder Number Fun
G-8014Wonder Numbers
G-8015pat. 1912Wonder Speller, The
G-8016pat. 1912Wonderland Zoo
G-8017Word Pictures Animals

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 32