Publisher and Game Information

Clark & Sowdon (61 games) · P-367
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8115 1898Anagrams & Lotto212anagrams, lotto
G-24062© 1895Anagrams and Lottoanagrams, lotto1 copyright
G-23640≤1896Authorscard game, authors
G-8116 Game of Authors for Little Folkscard game, authors
G-8117© 1893Authors Illustratedcard game, authors3 copyrights
G-9458© 1892Authors, Hiddencard game, authorsrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-8118 Authors, The Game of Vignette210card game, authorslink-1
G-8119≤1896Game of Brownies
G-24057© 1893The Bumble's Dinner Party1 copyright
G-30935© 1893Butterfly Stopcard gamerules-1 · 2 copyrights
G-24058© 1893Chaque1 copyright
G-8079≤1899The Charge
G-8108© 1895Chessindia1 copyright
G-24056© 1893Destiny1 copyright
G-24061© 1894Duplicate Whist1 copyright
G-24055© 1893Duplicate Whist (Tokalon Method)4033 copyrights
G-24060© 1893Duplicate Whist (Tokalon Method)6031 copyright
G-24059©v© 1893Duplicate Whist (Tokalon Method)5031 copyright
G-8066 Game of Fish Pondfish pond
G-9465 Five in A Rowrules-1
G-8067 1902Fox & Hounds
G-8068 Gipsy Fortune Teller102
G-8069~ 1905The Game of Golf
G-9455© 1892Hidden Authorscard game, authors1 copyright
G-8070~ 1893Hunting the Rabbit
G-8071 1900sIndia Bombay
G-8072© 1893Jumbles1041 copyright
G-8073 Lone Fisherman217
G-8074 Lucko
G-8075 Game of Mill
G-23641 1898Mimic War
G-8076 Mount the Donkey
G-9425 Nimble Spider207rules-1
G-8092© 1892The Game of Old Maid as played by Mother Goose1 copyright
G-8078 Old Maid Up to Date106
G-8065 The Owl and the Pussy Cat
G-8080© 1893Paws & Claws2 copyrights
G-8081≤1896Peter Coddle's Dinner Party103
G-8082~ 1890Rip Van Winkle350
G-23642 Robinson Crusoe for Little Folks111
G-23643© 1892Rondameerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-8084~ 1900The Game of Rough Riders353
G-24063© 1895Rugby Foot-Ball1 copyright
G-8085 The Scout
G-8086 Shafter at Santiago
G-8087 Sing A Song of Six Pence
G-8088 The Snake Game
G-9431 Spinette214rules-1
G-8090© 1892Tete-a-Tete and Lucko1 copyright
G-9444 Tether Ball328rules-1
G-8091© 1895Three Little Kittens2061 copyright
G-30550 Tiddledy Winkssquare box; blonde boy at upper righttiddlywinks
G-30847 Tiddledy Winkssquare box; pink backgroundtiddlywinks
G-34948 Tiddledy Winkssquare box; blue background; no illustrationtiddlywinks
G-29837 Tiddledy Winkshorizontal rectangular box; blonde girl at upper righttiddlywinks
G-23644© 1892The Game of Wangrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-8462 Who Can Mount the Donkey229
G-8205~ 1895Yacht Race327

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 61