Publisher and Game Information

E. S. Lowe Co., Inc. (86 games) · P-498
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-30045~ 1940s(war-themed tiddlywinks)tiddlywinks
G-8712≤195015 Puzzle515
G-26990 1976Ad Lib Crossword Cubes, Duplicate
G-26965 1970Ad-Liblink-1
G-9304~ 1940sBaseball533rules-1
G-8699 Basketball538
G-26966 1950sBet A Million
G-9314© 1943Big League Game of Baseball
G-26992 1975Big Numbers - The High Rollersgame show
G-8701 Bottoms-Up511
G-26968 1962Bowl a Strike
G-26967 1962Bowl and Score
G-26991 1972Brainstorm
G-26969 1974Challenge Yahtzeeimage-1
G-29599 1968Chess
G-8691 Chess & Checkers Combination554
G-8706 China-Peg525
G-8707 Chips526
G-24335 Chips556
G-26970 1973Chute-5
G-30963© 1967Count Down302board game
G-8709 Crib-Derby
G-8708 Cribbage527
G-24334 Cribbage557
G-26972 1975Deception
G-26973 1974Dollar Bill Poker
G-26974 1981Dragon Master
G-8711 1972Dribbleboard game
G-26975 1972Flight Captain
G-8713 Football537
G-8714~ 1930sFox Hunt
G-8715 Gin Rummy530
G-24336 Gin Rummy560
G-23669 Go111
G-26976 1951Goimage-1
G-8716 Goal531
G-26977 1967Golfcard game
G-8717 1951Gung Ho
G-26978 1969Guru
G-26979 1968Heads Up
G-26980 1984High Handimage-1
G-26981 1966Hit-N-Miss
G-29610 1965Home Stretch
G-9327© 1942Horse Race534rules-1
G-8759 1944The Jeep Board
G-8802 Magic Numbers535
G-26982 1978Mandinka
G-26984 1970Michigan Rummy
G-26983 1951Mikado: Game of Go
G-26994 1968Nevada Craps
G-26985 1967Nileimage-1
G-8777 Odd & Even Game536
G-26986 1978Pazaz
G-8778 Peg Solitaire513
G-8779~ 1930sRajah
G-26987 1970Renaissance
G-26988 1961Reno-Keno
G-26989 1964Rol-A-Pair
G-26995 1977Roll & Score Dice Derby
G-26996 1977Roll & Score Poker
G-26997 1975Roll & Score Tic Tac Dice
G-8780~ 1940sRose Bowl
G-8781 1945Roulette
G-26998 1965Scat
G-26999 1963Scribbage
G-27000 1967Skit-Skat
G-27001 1978Society Scandalimage-1
G-9326 Sparks1091 trademark
G-8782~ 1940sThorobred
G-29876© 1965; 1967Tiddly Cardwinkstiddlywinks1 copyright · 1 trademark · Charles Leicht (author)
G-8783 Time Puzzle514
G-27003 1968Traffic
G-27004 1973Triple Yahtzee
G-27005 1969Wild Life
G-31599 1971Wild Lifeimage-1
G-8784~ 1945World Series
G-27006 1956Yahtzee
G-9330© 1967Yahtzeerules-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 86