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Ed-U-Cards Manufacturing Corp. (322 games) · P-506
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-35737 1984+ and - Schoolbus Game
G-35738~ 1960s3 Wee Pigs (A Child’s First Game of Counting Fun)
G-35739~ 1950s3-Dimensional Pictures, Animal Series No. 2
G-35740~ 1950s3-Dimensional Pictures, Bird Series
G-35741 1959?4 Deluxe Ed-U-Cards Games (Popeye, Go Fish, Busy Bee, Old Maid)
G-35742 1963ABC And Pictures Flash Cards flash cards
G-7768 1946ABC Educational Cardscard game
G-35743 1944?ABC Educational Spelling and Counting Card Gamecard game
G-35744 1959ABC Educational Spelling and Counting Card Gamecard game
G-7766 1949ABC Lottolotto
G-35746 1971ABC Lottolotto
G-35747 1977ABC Lottolotto
G-35748 1967?ABC's Mini Card Game
G-35749 1969Alpha-Book Puzzles
G-35750 1947Animal Bird Fish Card Gamecard game
G-7726 1951Animal Bird Fish Card Gamecard game
G-35752 1959Animal Bird Fish Card Gamecard game
G-35753 1977?Animal Bird Fish Card Gamecard game
G-35754 1967?Animal Bird Fish Mini Card Gamecard game
G-35755 1959Animal Dominoesdominoes
G-35756 1971Animal Jellibees Kit - Piggly Pete
G-35757 1983Animal Rummy
G-35758 1984Animal Spelling Game
G-35759 1959Arithmetic Can Be Fun Game
G-35760 1949?Arithmetic Flash Cards - Additionflash cards
G-35761 1966Arithmetic Flash Cards - Additionflash cards
G-35762 1949?Arithmetic Flash Cards - Subtractionflash cards
G-34543 1966Around the Clock Solitairelink-1
G-35764 1970Around the Clock Solitaire
G-24368 1950At the Zoo Lottolotto
G-35766 1967Base "Two" Flash Cards (set #350)flash cards
G-25877 1957Baseball Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-35768 1967?Baseball Mini Card Gamecard game
G-35769 1958Basic Reading-Readiness Game
G-25878 1970Basketball Quiz
G-7727 1949Batter Up
G-35770 1949Batter Up Baseball Card Game (same as Baseball)card game
G-35771 1974Beginners Phonic Flash Cardsflash cards
G-7728 1949Bible Story Cardscard game
G-34541 1964Boston Red Sox Baseball Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-35773 1963Bowl-A-Card Game
G-34524~ 1960sBozo the Clownlink-1
G-35774 1972Bozo The Clown Card Gamecard game
G-34558© 1962Bullwinkle Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-25879~ 1962Busy Beelink-1
G-35775 1951Busy Bee Card Gamecard game
G-35776 1958Busy Bee Card Gamecard game
G-35777 1965Busy Bee Card Gamecard game
G-35778~ 1950sBusy Bee Picture Puzzle For Juniors: Little Boy Blue (with story booklet)
G-34539 1960-1961Butterflies and Moths, Ed-U-Cards of Naturecard gamelink-1
G-35779 1971Canned Alphabet
G-34531~ 1962Card Magiccard gamelink-1
G-35780 1954Card Magic Card Gamecard game
G-35781 1959Card Magic Card Gamecard game
G-35782~ 1960sCasper and His TV Friends Card Gamecard game
G-34525~ 1960sCasper the Friendly Ghost and his TV Friendslink-1
G-35783 1975Catch Phrase
G-25880 1975Catchphraselink-1
G-35784 1972Charlie Chaplin Card Game (F)card game
G-34556© 1972Charlie Chaplin Educational Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-35785 1946Children's Game of Stories
G-35786 1952Color Bingo
G-25881 1952Color Bingo
G-35787 1982Computer Flash Cards - Hardwareflash cards
G-35788 1982Computer Flash Cards - Introductory Terminologyflash cards
G-35789 1982Computer Flash Cards - Level 1 Terminologyflash cards
G-35790 1977Continent of Europe Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35791 1977Continents of North America & South America Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35792 1963Counting And Numbers Flash Cards flash cards
G-35793 1974Counting And Numbers Flash Cards flash cards
G-35794 1949Cowboys And Indians Card Gamecard game
G-9389© 1949Cowboys and Indians Card Gamerules-1
G-35795 1960Cowboys And Indians Card Gamecard game
G-35796 1967Cowboys And Indians Card Gamecard game
G-35797 1967Cowboys And Indians Mini Card Gamecard game
G-35798 1976Crayola Crafts Crayons Fantasy Playhouse
G-35799 1965Daniel Boone Card Gamecard game
G-9399© 1965Daniel Boone Card Gamerules-1
G-35800 1967Daniel Boone Mini Card Gamecard game
G-35801 1955Davy Crockett Adventure Card Gamecard game
G-25882 1955Davy Crockett Adventure Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-35802 1975Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35803 1976Division Flash Cardsflash cards
G-34513 1960Donald Ducklink-1
G-35804 1959Easy 3's Card Gamecard game
G-35805 1962Ed-U-Card Library
G-35807 1961Ed-U-Cards Of Nature - Butterflies And Moths
G-35806 1961Ed-U-Cards Of Nature - Rocks and Minerals
G-35808 1961Ed-U-Cards Of Nature - Sea Shells
G-35811 1962Ed-U-Cards Of Science - Astronomy
G-35809 1962Ed-U-Cards Of Science - Chemistry
G-35810 1962Ed-U-Cards Of Science - Experiments
G-35812 1961Ed-U-Kit Hobby Starter Kit - Butterflies and Moths
G-35813 1961Ed-U-Kit Hobby Starter Kit - Rocks and Minerals
G-35814~ 1960sEnriched Flash Cards - Multiplicationflash cards
G-35815~ 1960sEnriched Flash Cards - Subtractionflash cards
G-35816 1970Famous Black People in American History Flash Cards flash cards
G-35817 1974Famous Black People in American History Flash Cards flash cards
G-34537 1960-1961Famous People Picture Flash Cards, Book of Knowledge card gamelink-1
G-35818 1970Farm Lottolotto
G-35819 1984Find and Read Game
G-35820 1975Flash Cards of The United Statesflash cards
G-34529 1961The Flintstoneslink-1
G-35821 1960The Flintstones Animal Rummy Card Gamecard game
G-35822 1965The Flintstones Animal Rummy Card Gamecard game
G-34550 1975Forethoughtlink-1
G-35823 1975Four Thought
G-35824 1972Giant Step Game
G-35825 1951Go Fish Card Gamecard game
G-35826 1967Go Fish Mini Card Game card game
G-35827 1956Go Together Lottolotto
G-35828 1963Go Together Lottolotto
G-35829 1970Go Together Lottolotto
G-34533 1965-1966The Green Hornetlink-1
G-35830 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge Astronomy Picture Flash Cards flash cards
G-35831 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge Events That Made History Picture Study Cards – Set No. 1flash cards
G-35832 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge Famous People Picture Flash Cards flash cards
G-35833 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge Important Events Picture Flash Cards flash cards
G-35834 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge Inventions & Wonders of The World Picture Study Cardsflash cards
G-35835 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge Inventions Picture Flash Cards flash cards
G-35836 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge People Who Made History Picture Study Cardsflash cards
G-35837 1960Grolier's Book of Knowledge Wonders of The World Picture Flash Cards flash cards
G-34553 1970Happy Days Solitairelink-1
G-35838 1970Happy Days Solitaire
G-34516 Howdy Doody Dominoeslink-1
G-35839 1951Howdy Doody Dominoesdominoes
G-34527 1961Huckleberry Houndlink-1
G-35840 1961Huckleberry Hound Card Gamecard game
G-35841 1967Huckleberry Hound Mini Card Game
G-34538 1960-1961Inventions Flash Cards, Book of Knowledgecard gamelink-1
G-35842 1984It's O.K. To Say NO! (Awareness Card Set)
G-35843 1975Jellibees Card Gamecard game
G-35844© 1956Johnny Can Read Card Game (#119)card game
G-25883 1962Jr. Keno
G-35845 1962Jr. Keno Game
G-35846 1954Jumbo Anagrams
G-35847 1962Jumbo Lotto Community Helpers - Set 1lotto
G-35848 1975Junior Classics Picture Puzzles
G-35849 1974King Size Card Magic Game
G-35850 1973King Size Go Fish Card Game
G-35851 1973King Size Old Maid Card Game
G-35852 1983King Size Old Maid Card Game
G-35853~ 1960sKrazy Kar Circus Inlay-Tray Puzzle
G-35854 1972Laurel & Hardy Card Gamecard game
G-34555 1972Laurel and Hardy Card Game, Larry Harmon'scard gamelink-1
G-35855 1950Lone Ranger Card Gamecard game
G-35856 1950Lone Ranger Color Picture Trading Cards (8 sets of 15 cards ea.)trading cards
G-35857 1982Major Events of the Blue and the Gray Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35858 1977Making Change Flash Cardsflash cards
G-34532 1965-1966The Man from
G-35859 ?Matchless Matchbook 3 Tricks
G-35860 ?Matchless Matchbook Bowling Gamebowling
G-35861 ?Matchless Matchbook Checkers Gamecheckers
G-35862 ?Matchless Matchbook Horse Race Game
G-35863 ?Matchless Matchbook Mosaic Puzzles
G-35864 ?Matchless Matchbook Pick-Up-Stix Game
G-35865 ?Matchless Matchbook Ring Toss Gamering toss
G-35866 1959?Matchless Matchbook Think Puzzle
G-35867 1959Matchless Matchbook Tic-Tac-Toe Gametic-tac-toe
G-35868 1966Math Addition Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35869 1966Math Division Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35870 1966?Math Flash Cards (set including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)flash cards
G-35871 1966Math Multiplication Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35872 1966Math Subtraction Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35873 1976Metric Length Flash Cards flash cards
G-35874 1976Metric Volume Flash Cards flash cards
G-35875 1976Metric Weight Flash Cards flash cards
G-34515 1971Mickey Mousecard gamelink-1
G-35876~ 1960sMini Playing Cards (with zebra backs)playing cards
G-35877 1965Mini-Monster Sculptees
G-25885 1956Mixies
G-35878 1956Mixies Cards
G-35879 1965Mixies Cards
G-35880 1969Mixies Cards
G-35881 1967Mixies Mini Card Gamecard game
G-34534 1965-1966The Monkeeslink-1
G-35882 1967Mr. Know-It-All (Brain Buster Edition)
G-35883 1960Multiplication and Division Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35884 1976Multiplication Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35885 1961My First Numbers And Counting - Huckleberry Hound
G-35886 1961My First Reading Steps - Huckleberry Hound
G-25886 1964N. Y. World's Fair
G-35904 1970Official N.Y. Mets Baseball Card Game (relabeled "World Champions" for 1970 edition)card game
G-25884 1961N.Y. Mets Baseball Card Game, Officialcard game
G-34540 1964N.Y. Mets Baseball Card Game, Officialcard gamelink-1
G-35887 1966New Math Addition Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35888 1974New Math Addition Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35889 1966New Math Multiplication Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35890 1966New Math Subtraction Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35891 1974New Math Subtraction Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35892 1964New York World's Fair Children's Card Gamecard game
G-35893 1964New York World's Fair Official Souvenir Flash Card Setflash cards
G-35894 1963New York World's Fair Party Card Gamecard game
G-35895 1961Object Lottolotto
G-35896 1970Object Lottolotto
G-35897 1957Official Baltimore Orioles Baseball Card Game card game
G-35898 1965Official Baltimore Orioles Baseball Card Game card game
G-35899 1964Official Boston Red Sox Baseball Card Gamecard game
G-35900 1964Official LA Angels Baseball Card Gamecard game
G-35901 1964Official LA Dodgers Baseball Card Game card game
G-35905 1964Official Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Card Gamecard game
G-35906 1964Official St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card Game card game
G-35907 1964Official Washington Senators Baseball Card Game card game
G-35908 1969Official World Champion Mets Baseball Card Game card game
G-7729≤1947Old Maid
G-7730 1946Old Maid at the Circus
G-35909 1946Old Maid At The Circus Card Gamecard game
G-35910 1959Old Maid At The Circus Card Gamecard game
G-35911 1967Old Maid Mini Card Gamecard game
G-34517 On the Farm Lottolottolink-1
G-35912 1959On the Farm Lottolotto
G-35913 1946Parks
G-7731 1946Parks
G-35914 1951Picture Dominoesdominoes
G-7732≤1951Picture Dominoes
G-35915 1970Picture Dominoesdominoes
G-35917 1953Piggy Bank Card Gamecard game
G-35916possibly earlier than 1953Piggy Bank Card Gamecard game
G-35918 1965Piggy Bank Card Gamecard game
G-35919 1967Piggy Bank Mini Card Gamecard game
G-35920 1954Pinky Lee’s Who Am I Game
G-35921 1965Play-All Card Deck
G-35922 1951Popeye Card Gamecard game
G-7733 1951Popeye Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-35923 1958Popeye Card Gamecard game
G-35924 1964Postcard Biography of John F. Kennedy and His Family
G-35925 1974Pre-Primer Words Flash Cardsflash cards
G-34554 1975Presidents of the United States Flash Cardscard gamelink-1
G-35926 1975Presidents of The United States Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35927 1974Primer Words Flash Cardsflash cards
G-25887 1975Queen of Hearts Card Gamecard game
G-34528 1961Quick Draw McGrawlink-1
G-35928 1961Quick Draw McGraw Card Gamecard game
G-35929 1962Rocky & Bullwinkle Card Gamecard game
G-35930~ 1950sRootie Kazootie Word Card Gamecard game
G-35931 1966Round puzzles, fairy tale subjects (correct name unknown)
G-35932 1963Sample Flash Cards Set (packaged with Duojector)flash cards
G-35933 1957Satellite Space Race Card Game (same as Space Race)card game
G-35934 1969Schoolhouse In A Fun Box - Animal Recognition Game
G-35935 1972Schoolhouse In A Fun Box - Fishing Game
G-35936 1969Schoolhouse In A Fun Box - Number Recognition Game
G-35937 1968Schoolhouse In A Fun Box - Read And Find Game
G-34530 1960sScooby Doolink-1
G-35938 1976Scooby Doo Card Gamecard game
G-34536 1961Sea Shells, Ed-U-Cards of Naturecard gamelink-1
G-35939 1953Sew Up Animal Circus
G-34542 1957Space Racelink-1
G-25888 1969Space Race
G-35940 1960Space Race Card Gamecard game
G-35941 1969Space Race Card Gamecard game
G-34557 1975Standofflink-1
G-35942 1975Standoff
G-7734© 1946Stories, Children's Game of
G-35943 1947Story Cards
G-9382© 1947Story Cardsrules-1
G-35944 1959Story Cards
G-35945 1965Story Cards
G-35946 1967Story Mini Card Gamecard game
G-34548 1975Take Tenlink-1
G-35947 1975Take Ten
G-25889 1975Take Ten
G-35948 1963Telling Time Flash Cardsflash cards
G-34560© 1963Telling Time Flash Cardscard gamelink-1
G-35949 1974?Telling Time Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35950~ 1960sTerrytoon Edition Old Maid Card Gamecard game
G-35951 1963The Chipmunks Card Gamecard game
G-35952 1973The Color Train Game
G-35953 1967The Flintstones Mini Card Game card game
G-35954 1982The Generals of the Blue and the Gray Flash Cardsflash cards
G-35955 1966The Green Hornet Playing Cardsplaying cards
G-35956 1965The Man from U.N.C.L.E Playing Cardsplaying cards
G-35957© 1966The Monkees Playing Cardsplaying cards
G-35958 1956The World About Us Lottolotto
G-35959 1963The World About Us Lottolotto
G-35960 1970The World About Us Lottolotto
G-30076© 1963Tiddledy Winks gametiddlywinks
G-35961 1974Times Table Tingo
G-35962 1961?To Tell Time - Huckleberry Hound
G-25891 1971Top Pro Basketball
G-35963 1970Top Pro Basketball Quiz
G-35964 1963Top Pro Football Quiz
G-35965 1970Top Pro Football Quiz
G-35966 1950Tracks
G-25890 1952Tracks
G-35967some may date from late 1940sTrading Cards (Series No. 15, 21, 29, 37, 41-48, 51, 53, 610 and more known)trading cards
G-35968 1952Trading Cards (Series No. 15, 21, 29, 37, 41-48, 51, 53, 610 and more known)trading cards
G-34535 Tree Spotter Cardscard gamelink-1
G-35969 1947Tree Spotter Cards
G-35970 1950s?Tree Spotter Cards
G-35971 1960Walt Disney's Donald Duck Card Gamecard game
G-35972 1971Walt Disney's Donald Duck Card Gamecard game
G-35973 1971Walt Disney's Donald Duck Feelable-Moveable
G-35974 1971Walt Disney's Donald Duck Jelibutton Kit
G-35975 1971Walt Disney's Donald Duck Picture Puzzle Game
G-35976 1965Walt Disney's Jungle Book Card Gamecard game
G-35977 1971Walt Disney's Jungle Book Card Gamecard game
G-35978 1966Walt Disney's Jungle Book Solitaire
G-35979 1951Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Card Gamecard game
G-35980 1971Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Card Gamecard game
G-35981 1971Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Feelable-Moveable
G-35982 1971Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Jelibutton Kit
G-35983 1968Walt Disney's Pinocchio Card Gamecard game
G-35984 1975Walt Disney's Queen of Hearts Card Game (King Size, 36 cards) card game
G-34521 What's Missing Lottolotto
G-34522 What's Missing Lottolottolink-1
G-35985 1963What's Missing Lottolotto
G-35986 1971What's Missing Lottolotto
G-34551 1970What's My Number Solitairelink-1
G-35987 1970What's My Number Solitaire
G-34552 Wheel of Fortune Solitairelink-1
G-35988 1965Wheel Of Fortune Solitaire
G-35989 1970sWheel Of Fortune Solitaire
G-35990 1962The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Cinerama Jigsaw Puzzlejigsaw puzzle
G-35991 1975Word For Word
G-25892 1975Word for Wordlink-1
G-34518 The World About Us Lottolottolink-1
G-34526 1961Yogi Bearlink-1
G-35992 1961Yogi Bear Card Gamecard game
G-34523 Zoo Lottolottolink-1
G-35993 1963Zoo Lottolotto
G-35994 1970Zoo Lottolotto
G-35995 1977Zoo Lottolotto

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 322