Publisher and Game Information

Ed-U-Cards Manufacturing Corp. (71 games) · P-506
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-77681946ABC Educational Cardscard game
G-77661949ABC Lottolotto
G-7726≤1951Animal, Bird, Fish
G-345431960sAround the Clock Solitairelink-1
G-243681950At the Zoo Lottolotto
G-258771957Baseball Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-345411964Baseball Card Game (Boston Red Sox edition)card gamelink-1
G-345401964Baseball Card Game (New York Mets edition)card gamelink-1
G-258781970Basketball Quiz
G-77271949Batter Up
G-77281949Bible Story Cardscard game
G-34524~1960sBozo the Clownlink-1
G-34558©1962Bullwinkle Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-25879~1962Busy Beelink-1
G-345391960-1961Butterflies and Moths, Ed-U-Cards of Naturecard gamelink-1
G-34531~1962Card Magiccard gamelink-1
G-34525~1960sCasper the Friendly Ghost and his TV Friendslink-1
G-34556©1972Charlie Chaplin Educational Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-258811952Color Bingo
G-9389©1949Cowboys and Indians Card Gamerules-1
G-9399©1965Daniel Boone Card Gamerules-1
G-258821955Davy Crockett Adventure Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-345131960Donald Ducklink-1
G-345371960-1961Famous People Picture Flash Cards, Book of Knowledge card gamelink-1
G-345291961Flintstones, Thelink-1
G-345331965-1966Green Hornet, Thelink-1
G-345531970Happy Days Solitairelink-1
G-34516Howdy Doody Dominoeslink-1
G-345271961Huckleberry Houndlink-1
G-345381960-1961Inventions Flash Cards, Book of Knowledgecard gamelink-1
G-258831962Jr. Keno
G-345551972Laurel and Hardy Card Game, Larry Harmon'scard gamelink-1
G-345321965-1966Man from U.N.C.L.E., Thelink-1
G-258841961Mets Baseball Card Gamecard game
G-345151971Mickey Mousecard gamelink-1
G-345341965-1966Monkees, Thelink-1
G-258861964N. Y. World's Fair
G-7729≤1947Old Maid
G-77301946Old Maid at the Circus
G-34517On the Farm Lottolottolink-1
G-7732≤1951Picture Dominoes
G-77331951Popeye Card Gamecard gamelink-1
G-345541975Presidents of the United States Flash Cardscard gamelink-1
G-258871975Queen of Hearts Card Gamecard game
G-345281961Quick Draw McGrawlink-1
G-345301960sScooby Doolink-1
G-345361961Sea Shells, Ed-U-Cards of Naturecard gamelink-1
G-345421957Space Racelink-1
G-258881969Space Race
G-7734©1946Stories, Children's Game of
G-9382©1947Story Cardsrules-1
G-345481975Take Tenlink-1
G-258891975Take Ten
G-34560©1963Telling Time Flash Cardscard gamelink-1
G-30076©1963Tiddledy Winks gametiddlywinks
G-258911971Top Pro Basketball
G-34535Tree Spotter Cardscard gamelink-1
G-34521What's Missing Lottolotto
G-34522What's Missing Lottolottolink-1
G-345511970What's My Number Solitairelink-1
G-34552Wheel of Fortune Solitairelink-1
G-258921975Word for Wordlink-1
G-34518World About Us Lotto, Thelottolink-1
G-345261961Yogi Bearlink-1
G-34523Zoo Lottolottolink-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 71