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Hassenfeld Bros. Inc. (140 games) · P-752
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-26324 19603 Chipmunks Acorn Hunt
G-26322 19603 Chipmunks Big Record Game
G-26323 19603 Chipmunks Cross Country
G-26316 19737 Card Stud
G-26205 1966Across the U.S.A.
G-26206 1972Air Devil's Night Flight
G-26204 1966Airplane
G-26208 1974Alice in Wonderland
G-26201 1967Amazing Dunninger Mind Reader
G-26202 1967Aquamancartoon character
G-26203 1963Archie's Fun Game
G-26207 Atomic Submarine Torpedo Game
G-26212 1979Balance of Power
G-26214 1969Balancing Clown
G-26209 1969Banana Splits
G-26211 1960Baseball Spin-A-Game
G-26213 1966Batman & Robincartoon character
G-26215 1956Big Mouth Word Game
G-26216 1950sBlast Away
G-26217 1979Bop Bop 'N Rebop
G-26210 1960Bridge-It
G-26225 1956Captain Kangaroo's Kangadoodles
G-26221 1968Catch-A-Chickentorie
G-26301 Chain Lettersbookshelf
G-26224 1982Chain Lightning
G-26222 1964Challenging the Yankees
G-9375~ 1940Chessrules-1
G-26219 1959Chiclets Gum Village
G-26223 1964Comin' Round the Mountain Hillbilly Game
G-26220 1966Cowboys & Indians
G-26218 1963Creature from the Black Lagoon
G-26226 1960Cross-Country
G-26227 1964Dancing Princess
G-26231 1967Dating Gamegame show
G-26228 1973Dodge Ball
G-26229 1967Don't Bug Me
G-26233 1960Dondi Finders Keepers
G-26234 1960Dondi Potato Race
G-26235 1960Dondi Prairie Race
G-26236 1972Double Clutch Dragout
G-26230 1973Double Dealer
G-26232 1963Dracula
G-26237 1963Ensign O'Toole
G-26241 1967Family Gamegame show
G-26240 1955Fearless Fireman
G-26242 1967Flash; Justice League of America
G-32252 1950Flip-A-Lid
G-26238 1963Frankenstein
G-26239 1968Freefall
G-29667 1965G.I. Joe Combat Infantry Game
G-29666 1965G.I. Joe Navy Frogman Game
G-26244 1982G.I. Joe: Adventure Board Game
G-26243 1968G.I. Joe: Capture Hill 79
G-26250 1982G.I. Joe: Cobra Battle
G-26246 1964G.I. Joe: Combat Infantry
G-26245 1985G.I. Joe: Commando Attack
G-26248 1967G.I. Joe: Frogman
G-26247 1965G.I. Joe: Marine Paratroop
G-26249 1965G.I. Joe: Rik-O-Shay
G-26287 1969Game of the Week-Baseball
G-32253 1954Ghost Gun
G-26255 1969Hey Fatso
G-26257 1974High Stakes
G-26253 1964Hillbillies Feudin' Time
G-26290 1970Homestretch
G-26252 1950sHow to Succeed
G-26254 1966Humpty Dumpty Marble Game
G-26256 1978Hungry Hungry Hippos
G-26259 I Vant to Bite Your Finger
G-26296 1969Interpretation of Dreamsbookshelf
G-26258 1969It Takes Two
G-26260 1966Jack & Jill Jacks
G-26261 1964Knock Your Block Off
G-26266 1967Knuckle Busters
G-26265 1968Laugh-In Squeeze Your Bippy
G-26263 1959Leave It to Beaver Ambush
G-26262 1959Leave It to Beaver Money Maker
G-26264 1959Leave It to Beaver Rocket to the Moon
G-26291 1955Let's Face It
G-26292 1964Loli Plop Lane
G-26251 1968Game of Love
G-26284 1980Madcap Marathon
G-26282 1956Magic Miles
G-26271 1966Marble Maze
G-26279 1966Marble Maze, Across the U.S.A.
G-26272 1966Marble Maze, Batman
G-26273 1966Marble Maze, Dick Tracy
G-26278 1967Marble Maze, Dr. Dolittle
G-26277 1967Marble Maze, Flying Nun
G-26276 1966Marble Maze, Gold Trail
G-26275 1967Marble Maze, Star Trek
G-26274 1966Marble Maze, Superman
G-26295 1969Mating Gamebookshelf
G-26280 1961Mentor Electronic Wizard
G-9376© 1955Merry Milkmanrules-1
G-26283 1963Mighty Herculescartoon character
G-26285 1956Mingo
G-26298 1969Mob Strategybookshelf
G-26267 1963Mummy
G-26268 1963Munsters Drag Race
G-26269 1964Munsters Masquerade
G-26270 1965Munsters Picnic
G-26286 1967Newlywed Game
G-26302 1965Olive Oyl - I'll Catch My Popeye
G-26308 1960sPan-American World Jet Flight
G-26306 1952Pete the Plumber
G-26303 1963Phantom of the Opera
G-26304 1957Police Patrol
G-26305 1954Pooch2630
G-26307 1986Potato Head Kids
G-26288 1969Pro Playoff Football
G-26297 Rhyme Timebookshelf
G-26314 1966Simple Simon Balloon Game
G-26313 1964The Singing Bone
G-26319 1975Spellbound
G-26315 1968Spin the Bottle
G-26320 1950sSpot-A-Car Bingo
G-26317 1961Square-It
G-26312 1974Star Trekcartoon character
G-26289 1970Straightaway
G-26310 1969Strike Bowling
G-26318 1976Super Heros Bingo
G-26311 1973Super Sunday Football
G-26309 1965Superboy
G-26326 1961Think-a-Tronelectronic
G-26327 1967Tie-N-Tangle
G-26325 1964Tootsie Roll Train
G-26329 1966Tooty Frooty Mr. Potato Head
G-9337 1964Trap the Rat2605rules-1
G-26330 1969Treasure Chest of Games
G-26300 1970Triviabookshelf
G-26321 1955Two for the Moneygame show
G-26294 Vegasbookshelf
G-26334 1974War of the Networks
G-26335 1968Whodunit
G-26332 1965Wimpy--Where's My Hamburger
G-26331 1963The Wolfman
G-26333 1967Wonder Woman--Justice League
G-26293 1969World of Wall Streetbookshelf
G-9338© 1954Zig Zagglerules-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 140