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Jack Pressman & Co., Inc. (157 games) · P-867
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-29485~ 19403 Game Combination (Anagrams, Tricky Sticks, Wordy)1023card game, skill & action, word game, anagrams
G-27683 1967Action Baseball
G-27684 1967Action Golf
G-27682 1989Ad-Liners
G-31854 1991Addams Family Family Reunion Gameimage-1
G-24367 1935American Derby Classic375
G-21217 Anagramsanagrams
G-27685 1959Ask the Veda Board
G-21219≤1935Bang Bird
G-21220 1930Baseball
G-21267 1950sBingo1166Dull blue-gray background; 6 cartoonish characters walking left, 2 at center in pink with white bearddsbingo
G-30949~ 1940sBomb the Navy1501rules-1
G-21224~ 1940Broadcast Baseball
G-27687 1985Charade
G-21226 Chinese Checkers
G-21227 Chinese Tiles
G-27686 1986Clash
G-27688 1960sConfucious Say2223
G-21228 Croquetcroquet
G-27693 Decipher
G-21229≤1936Derby Day
G-27689 1980Dinosaur Island
G-27690 Doorways to AdventureVCR game
G-27691 1986Doorways to HorrorVCR game
G-27692 1971Double Decker
G-31855 1946Eenie Meanie Mine-ee Moe (and the Magic Ball)image-1
G-21230≤1932Electric Speed Classic
G-21231~ 1930sEnnytable Table Tennis
G-31856 1990Family Feudimage-1
G-21232≤1935Fish Pondfish pond
G-27695 1950Flying Saucers
G-27696 1979Fortune 500
G-27694 1989Fortune Teller
G-21234 1930sFoto-Finish Horse Race
G-27697 1977Gambler
G-27699 Ghost Game
G-27701 1983Ginnykub
G-27700 1954Groucho's TV Quiz
G-27703 1970Hi-Spot
G-21235≤1935Hold That Tiger
G-27702 1950Home Game
G-21236 Hop Ching
G-21237~ 1930sHop-Over Puzzle2992
G-21238 India
G-21239≤1928Jack Stones
G-27704 Jeopardyelectronic
G-21240≤1928Jungle Hunt
G-21241≤1928Junior Golf Set
G-23584 Juvenile Golf Outfit
G-27707 1990Let's Go Shopping
G-27705 1987Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
G-27706 1967Lone Ranger Spin Game
G-27710 1983Magic World of Blackstone
G-27709 Major League Baseball
G-21243~ 1940sMajor League Baseball
G-31857 1996Mindtrapimage-1
G-27711 Mini Mastermind
G-21244 Modern Game Assortment
G-27712 1955Mr. Peepers' School Bag Game Kit
G-27708 1989MTV's Remote Control
G-27713 1960Name & Faces
G-27714 1986New Newlywed Game
G-31858 1993Overturnimage-1
G-21245≤1936Parlor Croquetcroquetrules-1
G-29946© 1988Pavilion Tiddly WinksSKN 396915tiddlywinks
G-31859 1975Petropolis9986image-1 · Baron Arnaud De Rosnay (creator)
G-34258~ 1930sPlaytime Skee Cups6785
G-21246≤1931Playtime Table Tennis1125
G-30438 Playtime Tiddly Winks6525tiddlywinks
G-27716 1984Poker Kub
G-27717 1985Pop Music Trivia
G-27718 1978Quad-omino
G-31860 1997Quad-Ominosimage-1
G-27719 1967Rat Patrol Spin Game
G-27725 1990Rattler
G-21247≤1936Ring Toss
G-27727 1985Rock Trivia
G-31861 1990Rummikubimage-1
G-27724 1965Rummikub Rummy Dice
G-27722 Rummikub, Magnetic
G-27723 Rummikub, Miniature
G-27720 1980Rummikub, Original
G-27721 Rummikub, Tournament
G-27726 1990Rushin' Russian
G-27698 1956Game of Scoop
G-21268~ 1930sSkill Ball1101
G-27733 1950Skill Ball
G-21250 Soldier Set1509
G-21249 Soldier Set1551rules-1
G-21251≤1928Soldier Ten Pins
G-21252 Soldiers on Parade
G-21254 Soldiers with Repeating Cannon1555
G-21253 Soldiers with Shure-Shot Gun
G-27729 1960sSpace Captain
G-27734 Speed Raceelectronic
G-27731 1967Spin-Toss
G-27730 Stumblebum
G-27732© 1967Superman Game - Spin Cycle Series1121
G-21255≤1932Table Tennis - Table Croquetcroquet
G-27735 1989Talk About
G-27737 1967The Temple of Fu Manchu
G-21256≤1926Ten Pins
G-27743 1960Things & Places
G-30265 Tiddledy Winks2911PRESSMAN-TOYtiddlywinks
G-30348 Tiddledy Winks2911J Pressmantiddlywinks
G-30179 Tiddledy Winks3071tiddlywinks
G-30298 Tiddledy Winks3075tiddlywinks
G-30256 Tiddledy Winks370tiddlywinks
G-30161 Tiddledy Winks390agate; no babies on target; no pinstiddlywinks
G-30184 Tiddledy Winks390no agate; babies on target, pinstiddlywinks
G-30251 Jumbo Tiddledy Winks5911tiddlywinks
G-29945~ 1920sJumbo Tiddledy Winks397tiddlywinks
G-29947 Tiddledy Winks with Tiddledy Pins3072Drum majortiddlywinks
G-30091 Tiddledy Winks/Lotto Kids395tiddlywinks, lottorules-1
G-30061 Tiddly Winks6550tiddlywinks
G-30376 Tiddly Winks6560tiddlywinks
G-29948© 1978Tiddly Winks1527tiddlywinks
G-27745 1986Tigo
G-27738 1967The Time Tunnel Spin Game
G-30164 Tinnky Winks A Modern Tiddley-Winks, Playtime6425tiddlywinks
G-21259≤1928Treasure Hunt
G-27744 Treasure Train of 79 Games
G-27736 1982Treasure Trolls
G-27739 1977Tri-Ominos
G-27740 1978Tri-Ominos, Deluxe
G-27742 Tri-Ominos, Magnetic
G-27741 Tri-Ominos, Travel
G-21260 Tricky Sticks No. 6rules-1
G-27746 1983Trivia Adventure
G-27747 1984Trivia Adventure Plus
G-27748 1987Twenty Questions
G-27749 Veda the Magic Answer Man2223
G-21261 1940sVictory Picture Puzzle series
G-21269© 1986Wa-Hoo!
G-34356© 1986Wa-Hoo!rules-1 · rules-2
G-31862 1994Weapons & Warriors Castle Combat Setimage-1
G-31863 1997Weapons & Warriors Pirate Clash Game and Castle Storm Gameimage-1
G-31864 1985Wheel of Fortuneimage-1
G-27751 1987Wheel of Fortune, Deluxe
G-27753 1985Where's the Ostrich
G-21263~ 1920sWhippet Race
G-31865 2000Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?image-1
G-21264≤1935Wild Bill Target Practice
G-27752 1987Win By a Nose
G-35079© 1953Winko Magic3397magic
G-27750 Word Kub
G-21265 1938Wordy
G-21270© 1938Wordy2251
G-31866 1994X-Men Crisis in the Danger Roomimage-1
G-21266~ 1930sYacht Race930rules-1

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Total number of games found: 157