Publisher and Game Information

Kenner Products (20 games) · P-938
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-26835 1979Alien
G-26836 1958Beat the Buzz
G-26837 1978Flying Finnegan
G-26838 1969Hop and Stomp
G-26839 1982Indiana Jones
G-26840 1970Keep It Up
G-26841 1969Knock Off
G-26843 1974O.J. Simpson's See Action Football
G-26842 1970Orbiting Spaceway
G-26844 1981Raiders of the Lost Ark
G-31559 1973See-Action Footballimage-1
G-26845 1979Skirrid
G-26846 1976Sleep Walker
G-26847 1981Star Wars - Adventures of R2D2
G-26848 1978Star Wars - Destroy Death
G-26849 1979Star Wars - Electronic Battle Command
G-9494© 1977Star Wars - Escape from Death Star Gamerules-1
G-26850 1977Star Wars - Hoth Ice Planet Adventure
G-26851 1981Star Wars - Yoda the Jedi Master
G-26852 1979Topple

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 20